Vacation and Five Great Films I saw in July

Very slow month, I’ve been busy with life… been very distracted, didn’t really have time to see very much, so the choices are lacking. I’m also going on vacation in Beautiful Nova Scotia for about a week and a half tomorrow, so I won’t be posting during that time.  As usual, I only include first time viewings.

Alien (1979)

Ladies and Gentlemen, Mr. Leonard Cohen (1965)

Johnny Guitar (1954)

The Dark Knight (2008)

Father of the Bride (1950)

2 responses to “Vacation and Five Great Films I saw in July

  1. Hi! Glad you got to see Alien and The Dark Knight– but did you ever see WALL-E? I’m in love with it, will probably see it a 3rd time this weekend! Ah, tears me up . . . –I’m not so enthusiastic about TDK, though I enjoyed it well enough. I don’t really think it exceeds Batman Begins, except in the allure of its verisimilitude with the Chicago settings. Good, but not Michael Mann to me. Do see WALL-E in the theatre if you can; since you love City Lights, I’m sure you’ll be pleased.

  2. I saw Wall-E in July, and once in August. It made my five great films for July. I do agree, it’s certainly a beautiful film, especially for Chaplin fans. Not haven’t seen much Mann (Collateral… and I turned off Miami Vice) and shamefully, I didn’t see Batman Begins I can’t really compare. I’ll be seeing it soon enough though.

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