Update on Celebrating the Lives of Women onscreen

I’ve narrowed down my final list to about 120 films, but there is still a number I would like to see before “unveiling” my final selections. I’m still welcoming any recommendations, thoughts or suggestions. Original post

On another note, here is an interesting website on young girls, specifically young canadians and dealing with issues of adolescence through art, specifically film. I actually contributed in part to this project a few years ago when I was in high school. It’s surprisingly revealing about the issues most teens deal with, and I think shows how much we underestimate the impact of the decisions and issues that affect girls at this age, as well as their own perception about the world around us. Part of the reason I wanted to initiate creating a “canon” of sorts of the great stories about women, is because I feel it’s a neglected world view that sometimes, we need to be reminded of. This is right at the source, and perhaps some of these women will be the visionaries of the future, artists, politicians, friends, family… seeing the world through the eyes of a girl

6 responses to “Update on Celebrating the Lives of Women onscreen

  1. Some suggestions:

    Gas, food, lodging
    Lovely and Amazing
    The Piano Teacher
    Ma Soeur
    Passion Fish
    Ruby in Paradise
    Muriel’s Wedding

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