More Music: Metric

I’ve been listening to a lot of Metric this past week, one of my favourite current acts, I saw them live last year at Concordia University and it was the most fun I had in a long time. My favourite album of theirs is Live it Out, but they all have their gems.  Their music is positively infectious, they also know how to get a crowd going.  I still need to get around to checking out Emily Haines’ solo work.


5 responses to “More Music: Metric

  1. I saw them live in 2005. I was in the front ‘row’ of a crushing crowd. When she sang Love is a place, everyone took out their cellphones and lighters and started swaying along with the music. It was awesome. Yeah they got lots of energy live. Her solo work isn’t nearly as energetic, though it is lovely still.

  2. I miss your film-heavy blogging. Any chance of it returning?

    P.S. I posted comments about a month ago that never went through. At Lauren’s blog, it is because I was marked at spam. I hope the same does not happen now.

  3. It will return, especially since my computer just fixed itself.

    I actually saw that about a week ago and approved them, now I check my spam everyday. I’m really sorry about that!

  4. You lucky duck, getting to see Metric live! I was wondering about what happened to your film posts as well, but I really like the music posts as well! Go you!

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