Album of the Day

This is more than me just getting lazy, I’m having computer problems and have very limited internet time. Hopefully this will mean a bit more time to watch movies for me, I’m already listening to more music. This kind of entry is short and sweet… so no stress if it doesn’t go through, and it only takes a few minutes a day. I hope you guys don’t mind!

A good friend of mine introduced me to Tegan and Sara over a year ago, but I’ve only recently went back to listen to their music again. It’s nifty-fun, and it doesn’t hurt that they’re Canadian and kinda cute.

Click on the album to go to their MySpace

4 responses to “Album of the Day

  1. Is this good friend eternity? hahaha.

    Anyway, I think they can be so much better as they mature. Right now it’s a bit teenage-ish. Not that there’s anything wrong with it. I like their musicality; I just don’t think there’s as much depth to it as they’d like to believe. Nice girls though.

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