And now, a moment from The Miracle Woman (1931)



I love pre-code cinema

8 responses to “And now, a moment from The Miracle Woman (1931)

  1. I know 😦 I’ll see what I can do, but he’s giving the finger to a door. The door, while very deserving, was obviously very upset by the action and eventually went on a bloody rampage killing everyone in the film except Barbara Stanwyck.

  2. I’m going to bet you either weren’t paying attention or just forgot, the chauffeur after having a conversation with the big-bad-boss leaves the room, deliberately turns around, stops, and gives the door the finger. It’s even possible there are a few censored copies of this floating around.

  3. it’s a brilliantly subtle critique of the rise of theocracy on America and how the separation of church and state is slowly but inevitably degrading.

    Or just an unfortunate moment in time for this guy that turned out to be really funny 😛

    By the way Justine, would you have any interest in joining up for our little magazine at TLC? Looks like we’re really making headway on it, with a lot of the focus on Hitchcock for this first issue, but we really need all the help/contribution we can get, and someone like you would be perfect 🙂 . Actually we’re pretty desperate for contributors at this point (and Mango especially’s been asking after you 😛 ). There’s the thread on TLC that’s our little staging point, or I’ll leave the link to our little planning area on google if you’re at all interested 🙂

  4. My last two posts have not showed up on your blog. I wonder why?

    Even if this comment does not appear, I say you should check out “Speedy”. There’s a nice finger in that one which is even more shocking because it is coming from Lloyd. I have a screenshot of it. You should buff up on some Harold Lloyd and then watch Speedy.

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