If I were in the Movies I’d be…


Sometimes, I like to imagine myself in movies. I’m not much of an actress and can hardly match the beauty and grace of my favourites, but every once in a while I’m faced with a character who feels and dreams like I do, and I cannot help feeling a kinship with them. One of those characters is Princess Ann, brought to life by the ever-lovely Audrey Hepburn in her first starring role. Exuding a childlike naivity and a desire for adventure, I can’t help revelling in her rebellion and wishing for her happiness. When she goes to that barber shop to get her hair cut, it somehow feels like the greatest act of protest and freedom the screen has ever seen, and I not only desire that same freedom, but believe within me there is that same burning fire waiting to be let out. Her romance with Gregory Peck is right out of a dream, and truly feels like that first true love on her part, and a similarly powerful affection on his. They both have doubts, they both have responsabilities, but in those brief moments they get to share all the other problems of the world seem to dissapear, and in place of that fear and unhappiness is a burning joy that seems to fuel life itself. I am still that young girl, with that desire for adventure, and that aptitude for wonderment. Roman Holiday is one of those films that could not be more perfect, I love it with all my heart.

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