Super-impossible Pre-Code Screencap-Challenge: NOW WITH HINTS!

In honour of my continued business due to school, but desire to keep up with a blog another screencap challenge! This time it’s all about pre-code Hollywood, in tribute to Lauren’s month dedicated to the era over at The Life Cinematic. Same rules as last time (since twice as many caps, you can ask up to 7 yes or no questions), still no prizes. Have fun and good luck! Also, congrats to Sven who guessed 4 films correctly, more than anyone else 🙂


Anwer: The Sign of the Cross Respondent: AAG


Anwer: Tabu: A Story of the South Seas Respondent: Mango


Answer: International House (luis alberni)


Answer: Smart Money (Stennie)


Answer: A Farewell to Arms Respondent: Mango


Answer: The Bitter Tea of General Yen Respondent: Mango


Answer: Blonde Venus Respondent: Lauren


Answer: No Man of her Own Respondent: Mango


Answer: The Emperor Jones Respondent: Mango


Answer: Bird of Paradise Respondent: Mango


Answer: The Mask of Fu Manchu Respondent: Mango


Answer: Footlight Parade Respondent: Mango


Answer: Waterloo Bridge Respondent: AAG


Answer: Scarface Respondent: Mango


Answer: Night Nurse Respondent: Mango


Answer: The Divorcee Respondent: Lauren


Answer: The Song of Songs  Respondent: TGT11


Answer: Christopher Strong Respondent: Lauren


Answer: Morocco Respondent: AAG


Answer: The Office Wife (Lylah Clare)

32 responses to “Super-impossible Pre-Code Screencap-Challenge: NOW WITH HINTS!

  1. Ooh! I love it! 😀 Embarrassingly I can only recognize a few myself straight out. 7-Blonde Venus, 16-The Divorcee, 18-Christopher Strong. I better keep watching!

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  3. 19 is Morocco right?

    I’m convinced I know more of these… I’ll come back to this list.

  4. Oh, I am falling behind. I recognize a lot of these but am unsure about many titles (and those I do know have been guessed 😦 ).

    #2 = Tabu ?
    #8 = No Man of Her Own ?
    #9 = The Emporer Jones ?
    #10 = Bird of Paradise ? or The Most Dangerous Game ?
    #12 = Footlight Parade ?
    #14 = Scareface ?
    #15 = Night Nurse?
    I am not only positive I have seen #17, but think I have seen something on it recently. Why can’t I remember?
    #20 = Blode Crazy ? I don’t think that’s the answer, but it’s the one I remember Blondell bathing most clearly.

  5. I’m still going, thanks!

    #5 is bothering me. That must be Gary Cooper, but I don’t think it’s one I’ve seen. I don’t think it’s A Farewell to Arms or Design for Living. Is it City Streets? If it is, I want to see it.
    #6 = Bitter Tea of General Yen ?
    I am still thinking about #17. That is Marlene Dietrich, isn’t it? It’s definitely not a Sternberg film… but still precode? 😡 The only Marlene precode I know of non-Sternberg that I have not seen is Song of Songs. Is that it? Must be. How is it? I should see it.
    #20 is still befuddling. I don’t ever remember Blondell’s hair like that–and that IS Joan…? *sigh* Another I haven’t seen? Or maybe I have seen it: The Public Enemy? Dames? I don’t remember what she looked like in either of those, so they could be. The Crowd Roars comes on in half an hour. Maybe that’s it. I’m going to watch.

    I might still have more guesses in me. Although if any of these are right I think I rock the win. 😀

  6. Hi ! 🙂

    I’m new here and I discovered your very interesting blog today.
    I’m French, so excuse my very bad English.

    Here are some answers (?) :

    #4 Blonde Crazy

    #6 maybe the Miracle Woman ?

    Thank you for this challenge 🙂

  7. Even though I shouldn’t, I’m giving you #5 for A Farewell to Arms. Congrats!

    #6 is correct! WOOT!

    #20 Wrong on all counts. Poor you 😦

  8. Hi Lylah! Don’t be afraid to answer in French, while my own writing skills are abysmal I understand it 100%. I live in Quebec, and have gone through over 10 years of learning it. I just can’t communicate well through writing. Sorry though, both your answers are incorrect. On the right track for #4 though!

  9. Rock on, I am getting guesses I don’t deserve. The way I figure, I just have to list all the pre-codes I can think of and I will eventually get them right.

    However, #20 is driving me nuts. I don’t think it actually exists.
    I flat out don’t recognize #3; it’s probably something silly. I have no idea who the actor in #4 is, although he reminds me vaguely of Cagney. Hints would be helpful.

  10. Hi ! 😀

    I thought about Lady Killer for the #4…
    Like Mango, the #20 is driving me nuts, because I can’t remember this actress in a movie as a brunette…

  11. Good strategy! 😀

    It exists, oh does it exist. #3 is probably the hardest, because it doestn’ feature any of the actors, and is a not done with any sincerity. It’s a joke… it’s a comedy! Keep that in mind. #4 is Cagney.

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  13. Too late to get in on this one? #4 has to be Smart Money, I think that’s the only movie Cagney and Robinson did together. That’s an awesome picture of Cagney, too.

  14. Hi !

    J’espère que tu vas bien 😉

    # 20 : Maybe “The office wife” ?

    For the #3, I searched I found maybe “Hollywood on Parade” ?????

    But Rudy Vallee appears in HOP B-9 and Bela Lugosi in HOP A-8. If I had to choose, as you said it’s a comedy, I’d say HOP B-9.
    Or is it some trick and archival footage in a recent movie ?

    A bientôt.

  15. It’s me again 🙂

    If the #3 is none of the above, I desperatly propose :
    Thou Shalt Not: Sex, Sin and Censorship in Pre-Code Hollywood 😉

  16. I’m doing great, almost too great! I keep forgetting to check back on my blog buddies :p

    #20 is The Office Wife.

    #3 is none of those, so I’ll check it out :p I should probably give another hint for that one, it’s easily the most difficult.

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