9 responses to “In Chile, the Chaiten volcano erupted during a lightning storm.

  1. oh. my. god.

    That’s probably the most frightening, beautiful, and awe-inspiring photo I may have ever seen, all at once.

    Definitely my new background pic 😛

  2. Im a young Photographer and this is the most beautifuul picture ive ever seen. It really represents mother natures beauty

  3. WOW. This picture is absolutely amazing. Would I be able to use it in Powerpoint presentation on the three main types of Volcanoes? I want to put this picture on the title slide…. Please let me know!!! I would love for the geography teacher to see this! Thank you!

    Amazing pic again. If I was there, I would’ve done a photo shoot on that volcano. You have an amazing eye!

    Email me — craz4sk8erguy@yahoo.com

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