Super Difficult Screenshot Challenge WITHOUT Prizes! YAY!

You get bragging rights, and it’s kinda open rather than having people send in their answers. In a way, it serves those who see the post first rather than the person who would reckonize the most. Since some (not all) of these are tough, I’ll allowing everyone 3 “yes or no” questions. Good luck, and have fun 🙂


Answer: Love Streams Respondent: Jos


Answer: The Silence of the Sea Respondent: Sven!


Answer: Liliom Respondent: Sven!


Answer: Magnificent Obssesion Respondent: Mango


Answer: Daisies Respondent: Skritek


Answer: The Heartbreak Kid Respondent: Wigwam!


Answer: Viridiana  Respondent: Sven!


Answer: Les Disparus de Saint-Agil Respondent: Lylah Clare


Answer: Johnny Guitar Respondent: Sven!


Answer: Orphans of the Storm Respondent: Mango

11 responses to “Super Difficult Screenshot Challenge WITHOUT Prizes! YAY!

  1. Are they all before the 1950?

    It would honestly be a miracle if I got any right, actually being able to at least guess for one of them would be a good enough accomplishment 😛

  2. #4=Magnificent Obsession.
    #2 looks familiar but I don’t I’ve seen it. #10 is probably a Griffith, but I don’t think it is one I’ve seen. I’m guessing Orphans of the Storm.

  3. I don’t think i have seen many of these; maybe #2 or #10, but i am not sure. I think #1 is Love Streams, which i haven’t seen, so it’s a wild guess.

  4. Hello again ! 😉

    For the #8, Les Disparus de Saint Agil, aka Boy’s School, a very good movie of Christian-Jaque (1938).

  5. Hi ! 🙂

    If you like looooooooooong movie quizzes, here are some sessions of a french game on the net, the FRCD (it was the name of a forum a long time ago). It’s long (from 2 to 3 or 4 months), and you have to find movies with pictures or sounds or trivia.
    Now it’s the 27th session, and the archives are here :
    I warn you, some of the questions are impossible to answer to (yet, some teams find them !).

    See you soon 😉

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