Prom Fright?

You see what I did there? … Fright, night? Get it! So, this past week me and a bunch of pals headed over the local cinema to catch PG-13 horror film, Prom Night. Our merry band has set out to find the worst film of 2008 and to transform it into a cult classic. We are a strange bunch to say the least. Prom Night is a serious contender, and has many appropriately so bad it’s funny moments, still overall it seems far too entrenched in mediocrity for me to care either way. Nothing is worse than a film that’s boring and unadventurous. I’d rather watch a train wreck then someone colouring neatly in the lines with really cheap crayons. This film feels like cheap crayons… I realize I’m not making sense, but the film doesn’t either.

Even though I’m far from a fan of shock or gross out oriented horror, at least in premise it tries to one-up previous efforts, gross out people more than the previous because audiences are forever clamoring for something new, and deep down we have a want and fear to know how far the human body can be pushed before it stops being alive, or even human. This film doesn’t bring anything new to the table; it doesn’t even do what it does well… that’s the real clincher. I understand that formulas work, but in my esteem they only succeed when there is some self-awareness or manipulation of said construct. I can’t believe this film takes it self seriously, but alas there is nothing that indicates it doesn’t. Even the poster is mediocre. Stretch out your minds people! STRETCH THEM!

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