Dark Pictures Project

I started up a companion blog a little while back where I’m trying to watch all 250 noirs on They Shoot Dark Pictures List of the 250 Quintessential Noirs, while also dipping into some Euro-noir/neo/Proto, and a few others that just fall out of the top 250. Noir has long been a favourite genre/style, and this little adventure of mine is proving to be lots of fun. If you have suggestions or thoughts don’t be afraid to drop a line.


5 responses to “Dark Pictures Project

  1. Oh yeah. I love noir. I have this collection that I’ve given my boss to watch that I haven’t even finished.

    Hm, let’s see. I don’t know what you haven’t seen? Try Branded to Kill if you haven’t seen it. It’s a delightful, off beat Japanese noir. I think it’d be right up your alley. 😀

  2. This is quite unrelated to your noir project, but I thought I’d respond to your great comment bombardment all in one place to save you clicking on several links. 😉 I wanted to respond to most.

    On Mortal Storm–
    thank you for that Borzage link! I completely agree about the romance he brings to his films. I was hoping to find some good writing on the guy, and think I’ll try to hunt down one of the rare books that’s been written on him. He seems like a bit of a hidden secret; strange no one talks about him much, as uniformly excellent as I’ve found his work so far.

    I hope you like All This! By far the most enjoyable Boyer film I’ve seen in a while. Speaking of which, I wonder if your experience would lend to a theory of mine, since you said you are a fan of de Havilland, too. Have you seen Hold Back the Dawn? I can’t account for how much less I was caught up in it than All This except that I am so much more a fan of Davis than de Havilland (which is just a product of only seeing her in one or two movies before, strangely). Dawn is probably as strong a movie, but it seems in this kind of romantic melodrama quality doesn’t do it for me, necessarily: star power does. That doesn’t seem to be the case in comedy, though. Hmm.

    You might like Conquest better than I did. I was so distracted by Boyer’s performance, but I think I’m guilty of not taking him very seriously as an actor, always wanting him to be Romance personified. I feel bad about that, haha… I’m also guilty of having possibly unreasonably high expectations for it, being a big fan of Garbo too, and I was purposefully saving that for the end of the Boyer run I was doing. So maybe if you don’t expect too much it’ll go over better.

    Algiers though! While a really weak film in my opinion (maybe I shouldn’t have seen it so soon after Pepe), it works 100% on the Boyer level. Definitely at his sexiest. So Boyer girl to Boyer girl, I give that a high recommendation. 😉

    It’s Love I’m After–
    Best surprise I’ve had in a long time. Great stuff. Now that I’ve seen a few de Havilland films recently she’s really impressing me — and she’s adorable in that one. I never had much of an opinion of Howard either way (I think the only thing I saw him in was Petrified Forest, which I hardly remember), but he cracked me up to no end in this one.

    Whew! Back to your regularly scheduled programming. 🙂 By the way I’m getting pretty excited to do some serious noir. My soon-to-be roommate is, too, as she’s been planning a noirish writing project, so who knows, this might turn into noir year…

  3. It’s interesting as to why, perhaps, he’s somewhat forgotten. I think it might be he falls into the dreaded category of being a director of so-calle “woman’s films” at least my reputation. Those weepy melodramas, or romances no matter how damn good they may be were never treated well by critics. It’s a damn shame.

    I’m looking forward to Heaven! I really don’t remember where I put it though. Ugh. I do this all the time. I haven’t seen Hold Back the Dawn, so I suppose I can’t participate in your theory thing. When I see it, I’ll let you know.

    Mmm… Boyer :p

    Good to hear, De Havilland wise you should see The Heiress and the Snake Pit. She was one of the best actresses of her era. Incredible stuff.

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