8 responses to “For Mango… Un-Seriously Beautiful…Audrey Hepburn

  1. I wanted a picture of psycho Hepburn but couldn’t fin the link, I tried to go to your old blog but you deleted it!

  2. Which psycho Audrey? I have dozens of them! Tell me if you want any and I’ll make a photobucket album you can draw from (and I will undoubtedly make good use of it, too).

  3. You know the site though? Where yo uget them? A phootbucket would be better though! Psycho Audrey for aLL!

  4. Well, the site I get them through is the Audrey Hepburn Library. Google it (I do not have the url memorized).
    But if it was on my blog, it was probably cropped and resized (to emphasize the crazy Audrey photos). I might work on a on a psycho Audrey photobucket over spring break. Hmm…

  5. 😆
    I swear, I want to do it, but I just can’t find the proper motivation. After all, I already have all the pics to look at. OK, OK, soon.

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