“American Cinema” Anniversary Blog-a-Thon at Film at 11

A good friend of mine over at Film at 11 is having a blog-a-thon!!! Called the “American Cinema” Anniversay blog-a-thon, it centers on the 40th anniversary of Andrew Sarris’ The American Cinema: Directors and Directions 1929-1968.I can’t say I’ve read it yet, but with my march break just a few weeks away and the thon only starting April 14th I may have time to pick it up. Regardless, Monsieur 11 summarizes quite well the format, intention and breakdown of the book for us lesser beings who have a hard time finishing a book of any kind.

The intention of the blog-a-thon is to evalute or re-evalute American auteurs (or, foreign filmmakers who have made a mark on the American film scene like John Woo or Ang Lee). Directly from the page, the guideline is : “By no means do you need to write or think like Citizen Sarris. I just hope to achieve some creativity in the framework that he set up forty years ago. Basically, pick a director who either debuted or had significant work in the period since 1968; several big names, from Coppola to Kubrick to Cassavetes, have minor write-ups in Sarris’ tome but produced major works since. ” The different categories of filmmakers are organized on the page, check them out!

Although more of a classical Hollywood kind of gal, I’ll see what I can cook up for this one. Should be an interesting adventure! So much excitement!!

3 responses to ““American Cinema” Anniversary Blog-a-Thon at Film at 11

  1. Awesome to see you getting involved! I’ve had this idea for a while (“The American Cinema” was one of the first film books I read cover to cover, several years ago) but only needed the anniversary to roll around. I’m looking forward to seeing who you choose to write about!

  2. I’m trying to figure out someone I can write about… not many post 1968 filmmakers I’m familiar enough with to write anything definetive. I have time though, maybe I’ll tackle a short filmography over he next few weeks.

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