Deeply Superficial Blog-a-thon: Noir is oh so Pretty!

For my entry in superficiality (as if my owe to Mitchum’s pecks was not enough), I’d like to explore through screencaps my favourite genre Film Noir. Inspired partially by German expressionism brought over by many European immigrants during the 1930s, the style itself emerged as many different factors converged. World War Two was a big factor in the genre’s ideology, and the visuals of these films reflected this highly nihilistic and fatalist world view. Also a matter of economy, lighting film noir was actually much quicker than the traditional methods. The signature style was born out of efficiency, as much as a being an expressive note of the film’s themes. Aside from low key lighting and high contrast, added ambiance was created through settings, that were either sprawling urban landscapes or strange set pieces a la Ferris Wheel in The Third Man. Compositionally, jarring angles, deep (or shallow focus) and full use of the frame were among many techniques to use compositional devices to add to the overall texture of the genre’s style. The femme fatales didn’t hurt to add to the delicious eye candy, and such beauties as Gene Tierney, Barbara Stanwyck, Rita Hayworth, Veronica Lake, Lana Turner and Lauren Baccall.

Now without further ado, some wonderful noir “oh so pretty!”

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