Five dollar movie night, so I went to see Rambo with a bunch of pals. I’m happy I didn’t spend more on this, because it’s REALLY not my thing. I don’t even want to begin thinking about it from if a social and political level. Not only because it will probably just upset me, but otherwise there is really no point… it won’t enrich my experience, it won’t change someone’s mind, and I’m trying to purge the memory of this film, not let it fester. I suppose you could say my main complaint with the film was that it was REALLY, REALLY boring. I have a problem with mindless action films, for the most part I have problems with any action films. The violent, or high adrenaline scenes don’t interest me. I kinda just fade out… I don’t know if this is because I still haven’t really learned to “read” action films, or that I try to read them too much… even having said that the film takes far too long to get to the blowing up of the shit and people. Sure there are some dreadfully hilarious moments leading up to the rampage, but it’s not consistently funny enough. The only redeeming parts of the film are when Rambo rips some guys throat out with his bare hands, and the fact that Sylvester Stallone keeps his shirt on. I think I would die if I had to see his roid-bod… his veiny arms all over the screen were bad enough. So yea, here’s to better things to come for 2008! I’ll actually have my 2007 retrospective up hopefully within a week or two.

Note: I haven’t seen any of the other Rambo films.

One response to “RAMBO GRRRR. Bang Bang.

  1. My boss loves this movie and he keeps telling me what a great movie it is and that the first Rambo has a lot of nuances and substance to it.

    All I could say was ‘uh huh’.

    I really really don’t like the macho rar rar stuff and I don’t find this kind of B-movie appealing. I mean, I’m open to experimenting with some B movies and I enjoy a number of them, but this would bore the hell out of me. I’m glad I managed to avoid it!

    I think the only requirement for cinema for me is a pulse. Is it moving? Is it alive? Is it stimulating? I think action films can be judged in the same way more subdued films are. If a rush can be felt, it’s good!

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