Heath Ledger Found Dead

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Colour me speechless, not only did I not see this coming… I couldn’t have expected to feel as bad as I do. I can’t say I gave him particular notice, although in recent years he had grabbed my attention. I’m Not There was one of my favourites of the year… and much of that had to do in particular with his performance, and his segment of the jigsaw puzzle. I don’t think he had wowed me before that, but it seems I get hooked and then… loss. I wish the very best for his family and friends. My bewilderment pales in comparison to their loss. Earlier today I was having a theological conversation with a good friend of mine about loss of life and death. Do we mourn someone because they are dead? It’s the permancy of loss that’s painful, wether there is life after death or not is inconsequential because the void in our personal lives is where the pain emerges. Never seeing them again, never talking to them… eternity dawns. Outside of the unknown, perhaps it’s eternity is what frightens us most of all. Do we celebrate his life? Do we mourn the future he will not have? What is left are images, and those who loved him… I have to say it again, I can only send them my love, I can’t imagine this is easy for any of them.

5 responses to “Heath Ledger Found Dead

  1. That doesn’t make me feel better. I don’t pity the dead, I pity the ones who love them. I pity myself :p

  2. I didn’t comment the day I read this, but am compelled to do so now because I have used your post as an example of my exact feelings the several times this event has come up in conversation. “Not only did I not see this coming, I couldn’t have expected to feel as bas as I do.” Precisely.

  3. I don’t think it has managed to sink in yet, it’s still kinda… surreal. I don’t know, just not real feeling.

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