On Cinema…

I think the enemy of films is reality. I think films are best when they manage poetry, by reducing the element of reality and introducing something which is the invention of the filmmaker” -Orson Welles

6 responses to “On Cinema…

  1. I love, LOVE the Welles quote, which I shall be adding to my book of commonplace. One of these days I’m going to lay my hands on a copy of “Chimes at Midnight”–been looking for that one for ages. Thanks for this…

  2. I haven’t seen Chimes myself, really hard to find. I love Welles though, I have a deep urge to rewatch F for Fake.

  3. I wouldn’t mind being a Welles fangirl, I need to rewatch so many of his films and see others for the first time. Always makes me happy!

  4. No worries, I would never expect you to like it 😀 We have very different ideas about film! Thanks for dropping bye, hopefully one day we’ll both see the same film and feel the same way about it!! That ought to be interesting :p I love your site btw, I read it often, I should try to get some initiative and watch the films sometime.

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